Our team

MoVart is a group of educators and artists who want to introduce children and young people to contemporary dance. The collective stimulates, develops and targets imagination, creativity and technical possibilities.

MoVart was founded in 2013 by Roxane Huilmand, director of the professional dance centre Danscentrumjette. This group, which brought together several dance educators, had two goals. Firstly, to organise various artistic projects in French and Dutch speaking schools in Brussels. Secondly, to offer contemporary dance courses, sometimes mixed with other artistic disciplines (video, visual arts, etc.) during the school holidays. The objective was to introduce children to contemporary dance and the use of their body as a creative tool. MoVart originates from Danscentrumjette (DCJ) and has been composed for 6 years of a permanent team of artists and dance teachers specifically involved in artistic education: Corentin Delpierre, Penelope Delvoorese, Emilie Eechaute, Lisa Coppi and Rebeca FL.

We aim to enhance the creativity of the participants. Although dance technique is an integral part of the courses offered, the emphasis is on autonomy, mastery of appropriate terminology and the development of creativity. The aim is to value and enhance the children's ideas and to support them in the creative processes we offer. From the earliest age (3 years), we suggest that they create their own choreographic forms. To do this, we give them tools and methods to enable them to be masters of their own creations. Throughout the creative process, we question them on their choices and lead them to have a personal reflection, to develop their visions and their desires in a coherent way.