CREA 10+

Open to all!

Every year we have the pleasure of developing a collective creation during the CREA10+ course, which usually takes place at the end of August during the Park Poetic festival with whom we are partners (formerly SuperVlieg-SuperMouche). The teenagers are then confronted, beyond developing their ease in movement, with creating choreographic material and making creative choices. We give them communication tools, create new ones with them, and always work horizontally in all creative processes. From pure research to the creation of material, through the exploration and transformation of the latter to discarding certain ideas to finally arrive at the quintessence and a final result. This project creates strong links between young people and the collective dimension is highly valued. As usual, we do not give them any aesthetic advice, but support them and help them in this project, so that what they dream of can come true.

Practical information

Where? DansCentrumJette, Rue Edmond Van Cauwenbergh, 55

When? Saturday afternoons from 13:30 to 15:30

With whom? Emilie Eechaute & Corentin Delpierre

In which language? FR and NL (EN ok)

At what price? You can choose the price according to your possibilities (and without justification): MINI - 230€ / BASIC - 280€ / SOLIDARY - 330

How to register? Just send us an email to: or click below to write to us!